Things You Should Know Before Reserving Our Time…

I have a large dog, who is a giant sweetheart. He will bark to alert me that you’re here but then wag his tail to you upon entering the door. Please do not ask me to put my dog in another room. If you are not comfortable with dogs we’re probably not a good match. That statement is not because I have any prejudice against people for their likes or dislikes, nor am I a member of PETA, just that this is his home, so please don’t ask me to kick him out. (But seriously, what’s wrong with you if you don’t like dogs?:-) Don’t fret; he minds his own business and is not allowed on furniture or people.
There are certain places that you may wish for me to visit on you, and I may very well be interested in visiting those places! If this is you… PLEASE be sure that the path to find this special place is extremely well landscaped so that our journey is smooth and safe. That the snow is totally plowed. The lawn is completely…. you get it. Additionally, never hesitate to ask for a shower or bubble bath before or at any point during our session. That being said, please do not ask me where you can visit in any of our communications! It jeopardizes us both and I will have to terminate contact. Please be smart!
The reason I do not do outcalls does not come from a lack of desiring to cater to you. The concept is beyond sexy to me, me coming to you to completely serve you. The reasons are grounded in the foundation that I love doing this, but it becomes not enjoyable to me if it is with the risk of my privacy or reputation being compromised, or my vehicle being taken, etc… You understand. The more comfortable I feel, all the more rewarding for you. And that goes both ways. I am hospitable and you will feel comfortable here. I do take trips and cater to the travel of well established relationships.

Please understand I do not see every gentleman that contacts me. I like to remain very discreet and only bring in my life what I truly enjoy and have time for. I do not discriminate what-so-ever by race, appearance, age (except for of course by legal age), religion, preferences or otherwise. I ask for a brief physical description of yourself in my contact form so that I only open the door to the correct person, you. I do discriminate by how safe I feel and very much in manners. No rudeness will be tolerated. Nothing other than respectful communication please. So the rules are basically trust, kindness, respect and (from paragraph above) not stupid please!